Born in Lisbon, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, COSMOPOLITAN – Private Tours®, has developed a unique work in creating and doing guided visits to the Portu- guese heritage with great historic and artistic value of the city, normally far from the eyes of the general public, providing unforgettable experiences in social and cultural contact with Lisbon.

Our guides are endowed with strong general culture and great aesthetic sensibility that capacitates them to give you a different, serious, scientific and deep approach even when visiting the most touristic places of Lisbon. Our guides are cosmopolitan persons that enjoys traveling and takes experience from it allowing them to give our customers experienced knowledge. Having trav- elled to several countries and speaking different languages our guides are the best choice for you. More than a guided visit we offer a unique and sophisticated experience in one of the most interest- ing cities of the world: Lisbon.